Sunday, February 18, 2007


Oh my! My big secret project is DONE! I cannot tell you (which if you've done any designing you already know) how good this feels!!! It is blocking on the bed right now! I'm excited...however, I'm not fully sure if I like it... :( :( I may re-write it differently. I've got it completly written up right now as it, but I may change it...It took forever to block out just right. I had it pinned and then needed to move the blasted thing. Hopefully it'll be dry soon. I want to look at it in it's glory! And I want to try it on! It's not for me though, this version is a gift. :D Now I think I need a nap.



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I'm saying congrats!! But what is it? Did I miss it? I wanna see !! *begging* *lol*
Its really fun to finish a project I am hoping to get mine done so I can be jumping for joy to!

CozyStitches said...'s a secret. :D I didn't post what it was nor any pics.. :D I will eventually.. :D