Tuesday, February 6, 2007

3 Steps forward, 5 steps back

Ugh! I just wanted to post here as you all will understand! I got a little knitting time at nap today (I'm a mom of 3) and was so excited! I did 3 rows of my design (the one I'm hoping to submit to a magazine) several hundred stitches. Well, I pick it up again tonight only to discover that I messed up, where? Oh, 3 rows back. ARGH! So, I spent my time tinking BACK to the row I started on this afternoon!!! ARGH!!! However, I am writing the pattern as I go, so I wrote down the correction. Hopefully, after this is done I'm DONE! I'll proof this part with the first version (I'm doing 2, this one I'm working on NOW was proofing the first part of the design, the other one will proof the ending). :D Hopefully that all made sense. :D

Thanks for letting me vent. :D



Andrea said...

Oh, I totally know how it feels to trip up in a design, feeling like you're really making some progress, and then smack, you realize all that work was for naught. Good luck with your design.

Emelia said...

designing my own knitwear has taught me to tolerate ripping back. I used to just soldier on and deal with the mistake when I worked from conventional patterns, but now I can't let anything slide. I rip and tink more than I knit some days. feel your pain!

Riggwelter said...

I know exactly how you feel, more often than not, the kids manage to rip it for me too!

Good luck with it.