Thursday, February 15, 2007

Body of Sweater

Well, I tried and tried to take a decent close-up of the ribbing.. This is the best I got *lol* I swear me and cameras have a love hate relationship.
Anyhow this is the ribbing for the body of my sweater a moss stitch ribbing
*K2, P2*
K1 *P2, K2*
I just love this ribbing, its a 2x2 ribbing but with just a bit of a OMPH!.. I was asked if I had drawings of the sweater. I actually don't sometimes I can just see what I want and as long as I have my gauge and measurements I pretty much go for it. I do end up drawing alot and grafting certain stitch patterns just to make sure everything lines up ok. Already I have something in mind for a long cardigan/jacket out of bulky yarn. I am just having a problem finding the ribbing I want for it. Got any ideas?

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Christa Giles said...

I think I know this ribbing as "mistake stitch" - it winds up with a column of knit, a column of seed, a column of purl, and a column of seed, ya? It makes beautiful scarves too :)

For your bulky jacket, if you want a ribbing that hangs flat rather than actually pulling in, then a garter rib or seed rib would work.. or the "Train Tracks" hem, which I use a lot! (see pictures on my Patterns page at