Friday, March 9, 2007

Vest on the Way

Ok i have started my Vest. It's made from 8 ply pure wool. I am worried about it, it doesn't feel soft. So i measured myself and had a omg moment. Nothing like a tape measure to boost your confidence. Cast on my stitches and knitted about a inch and "SNAP". Yep broke a needle (Grumble Grumble)and had to start again. So I ran out and brought circular needles. Which i am finding that they take the weight better and are easy to use when you don't have a lot of arm room. I cast on using size four mm needles ( just to give it a bit of give around my girlish curves and not make it feel like i am wearing a rubber band) and did size rows of rib, Changed to 3.75 mm and continued in stocking stitch. Doing ten rows of green , two rows of purple, Two rows of green, two rows of purple, repeat. Any way there is pictures on my blog.

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Emelia said...

sounds like you're off to quite a start. I wouldn't worry about the not-so-soft wool just yet. I've never used that particular brand but I'm pretty sure that if it's at least mostly wool it will soften up with every wash. You can also try soaking it with a little hair conditioner once it's done. Sounds like a lovely piece though!