Thursday, March 1, 2007

Do you? Feel like I do?

I was thinking about why designers might not want to divulge their designs here. Is the risk of a design being "stolen" holding us all back from sharing? Why don't we share more about how our creativity works, and share what you're creating if you feel comfortable with that? What gets you inspired? How do you go about creating a project? Do you decide to knit something (like a cardigan) and then go about getting inspired to design one? Or do you get inspired by design and then fit it to a project? Do you plan it out, or just start knitting? Does your project take over and move in a direction you didn't expect? What do you do when the well runs dry?


Andrea said...

True, I'd like to post more than I have (once) but school just started again so I have to rebalance all of my allotted knitting and designing time.
And when thee well runs dry, I usually wait it out for inspriation to strike.

Emelia said...

I'm in the same boat as andrea with school. During the semester I put nearly all of my energy (creative and otherwise) into my schoolwork, leaving me only enough juice to knit from patterns. Once I get my rhythm back my designing mojo gets flowing and then I am largely project focused. I want a cardigan so I start designing around that. Occasionally I get fired up about a contruction technique (such as knitting on the bias or modular knitting or something of the sort) and find a way to work that into a garment.

Christa Giles said...

A lot of my knitting energy and time is going into producing some kits right now, and I'm doing very little design work for my own projects :(

I start at a whole bunch of different places - a stitch pattern (at the moment, interesting cables), or an object (say, baby blanket) or a yarn (mm... Euroflax), or a cool button... and then see what builds from there. (note: those are NOT all one project!!)

Riggwelter said...

I'm not doing much designing work here either, I need to get a jumper finished for my husband, which is not my own.
Ideas for me, come from a stitch pattern, or the colour of yarn, and whatever I'm in the mood for knitting.